EXPOSURE LIGHTS Toro Mk12 (2021) MTB Light. Up to an incredible 3200 Lumens on your bars!

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Grab off-road riding by the horns with the Toro!

Reflex Technology unleashes a raging output of 3200 lumens to tackle anything the open gravel trail, fire road and single track can throw at you; roots, bomb holes, you name it.

Use the Optimised Mode Selector to extend the runtime and the Toro will be at home on the cockpit of any gravel or mountain bike, so when the daylight stops you don’t have to.

Reflex+ Technology

Reflex automatically adjusts the light to provide boosted output when riding hard and fast then intuitively dimming for the slower sections such as climbs. This is all to optimise battery capacity, to provide extra light when needed, and save it when not required, leaving you to concentrate on the ride ahead of you.

Reflex achieves this by using data from 3D digital accelerometers including gyroscope and thermistors. It continually analyses the data to make seamless adjustments to benefit the rider, probably better than the rider can. In reality, it's a form of artificial intelligence. The selected run time will be achieved by averaging the output over the period.


  • Reflex Plus Technology
  • OLED Status Display
  • Smart Port+ Technology
  • Cable Free Design
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Optimum Mode Selector
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Hand Made in the UK
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • LED Configuration: 3 x White XPL2
  • Lumens: Max 2000 (Measured) (Reflex 3200)
  • Battery: 8700mAh Lithium Ion
  • Runtime: 2 - 36 hours
  • Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 236g
  • Material: Anodised 6063 Aluminium
  • Water Resistance: IP6
  • Length: 114mm
  • Head Diameter: 47mm


Reflex+  Reflex+ Technology enables the light to intelligently adjust its own brightness to suit your riding. A combination of gradient, acceleration and cornering forces are interpreted to match output to your need for light while automatically maintaining the burntime you have selected.

Optimised Mode Selector Various programs in the lights can easily be selected to offer a choice of run times and modes so you can find the right one for your ride, be it an all-night adventure or an intense blast.

OLED Status Display  OSD advances unique Exposure Lights pat. pend. display technology. The new OLED panel gives program and mode information before switching to a burntime countdown. When charging, the OSD displays the percentage of stored energy left in the battery cells.

Intelligent Thermal Management  Controlling the temperature of the LEDs is important in ensuring that the lights remain as efficient as possible. Patented technology in the circuitry of Exposure Lights stops the light from heating up to a point where the light loses power due to the elevated temperature.

In the box:  Toro MK12, QR Handlebar Bracket (31.8mm - 35.0mm), Fast Charger, QS Guide