EXPOSURE LIGHTS Magni-Grip Flexi Tripod Mount with Magnetic Feet - Helmet Lights

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Exposure Magni-Grip can be used on any surface or object through the combination of magnetic feet and wrap-able legs and provides the ideal mount for your exposure helmet light for use under a bonnet or in your workshop / shed.

Your Exposure light can be even more versatile with the new Magni-Grip Flexible Tripod that can be used to light up your local trail, workshop or under the bonnet so you don't need to buy multiple torches.

The special clip mount is compatible with all Exposure helmet lights including the Joystick, Diablo and Spark.

The Exposure Magni-Grip can be mounted virtually anyway thanks to its combination of magnetic feet and three fold able arms that can wrap around objects and also create a stable tripod.

*Light(s) shown not included