Please contact us BEFORE applying for your Cyclescheme certificate to ensure that we have the bike and any accessories you want available. 

Cycle-to-Work Scheme

“Look out for a brand new bike in your pay packet”

Montague Bicycles (UK) Ltd. are linked to the Government backed Cycle-to-Work Scheme, through, which enables employees to get the bike they want (plus accessories) at a substantially reduced price. 

Using a bike is easy, cheap, green, independent, quiet, fast, convenient, door-to-door, healthy, and fun. Cycling to work ticks many, many boxes and the Government wants to encourage more people to cycle to work. That's why it created the Cycle to Work scheme for buying bikes at up to 50 per cent off the retail price.

There is much information available online on this subject, so we have purposely not gone into great detail here. However, in principle, you can get a brand new bike for almost half the normal retail price if your employer signs up to the scheme and makes it available to its employees.

There are a number of facilitators of the scheme and we are linked with the largest; Cyclescheme Ltd.  Our Cyclescheme partner code is MONTA003 (Montague Bicycles (UK) Ltd.).

To claim this great benefit, make sure your employer is registered with Cyclescheme today and ask us for a quotation on the bike and accessories you need!

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Please note that we are not affiliated with the Halfords, Evans Cycles, or other independent cycle scheme programs.