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ABUS Ultra 410 D-Lock Bicycle Lock 230mm Plus 1.2m Cable - Sold Secure Silver

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Featuring a simple, strong and attractive design, the  ABUS Ultra 410 is the ideal security D-lock for securing your bicycle.
Its simple design conceals a number of high-tech advancements in security including a new double layered key with decoy cuttings and a cylinder with special wafers, which make this lock virtually impossible to pick with conventional methods.
The ABUS Ultra 410 is Sold Secure Silver certified.The 12mm thick double bolted, hardened steel shackle extends all the way through the lock body providing excellent protection against cutting and torsion attacks in a simple yet innovative design.
The Ultra 410 uses a very easy to mount, rattle-free frame bracket and comes with an additional 1.2m extension cable and two keys.