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EXPOSURE LIGHTS Support Cells 1.7mAh, 3.4mAh & 8.7mAh. Extend the burntime of your Exposure lights

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Support Cells extend the burn time on your Exposure lights through Smart Port Technology, ideal if you’re competing in an endurance race or are just greedy for power.

Each Support Cell comes with a Support Cell Connector which allows you to charge the battery from your Smart Charger. The parts needed for mounting are also included.

Support Cell 1.7mAh: Verso, HT500 & HT1000 Headtorch Only

Support Cell 3.4mAh: All SPT+ lights (ideal for helmet lights)

Support Cell 8.7mAh: All SPT+ lights (strap under stem for bar-mounted lights)

Weight: 1.7 - 55g,  3.4 - 65g,  8.7 - 160g

Cable Length: 30cm (+65cm extension cable for the 8.7A)

Mounting blocks and velcro strap is supplied with the 8.7A cell. Helmet mounts are supplied with the 1.7A and 3.4A cells.

They are all recharged using the standard Exposure Lights charger (not supplied).