EXPOSURE LIGHTS TraceR USB Rechargeable Rear Cycle Light with new DayBright mode

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No more battery worries with the TraceR. Simply charge from your nearest USB port, at home or at work.
Exposure Lights have always been designed to get the maximum light from minimum sized unit and Cable Free Design ensures this is maintained. Utilising superb brackets, Exposure Lights attach quickly, safely and securely for hassle free riding.
TraceR rear cycling light
The TraceR is a super bright USB charging rear light. Its compact design, high power, wide angle visibility and ultra-reliability have made it an award winning product.  
Featuring Optimum Mode Selector with 3 levels of brightness, USB charging, fuel gauge and a simple single button operation, make this a great light for all situations.
There are now more cars on the road than ever and modern motoring life is full of distractions – radio, satellite navigation, and hands free mobile phones to name a few… 80% of all traffic accidents involving cyclists occur during the daytime (source: ROSPA 2014).
Our new DayBright pulse pattern is designed to cut through the distractions of busy roads and visual noise in modern motoring and is visible from over a kilometre away, even in the brightest of sunlight.
The Trace and TraceR can be bought together in the Trace TraceR Pack and the TraceR can also be mounted under the saddle using the Saddle Rail Bracket.
- Cable Free Design
- Day Bright Mode
- Intelligent Thermal Management
- Optimum Mode Selector
- Fuel Gauge
- Micro USB charging
- Hand Made in the UK
In the box: TraceR, QR seatpost bracket, USB charge cable, Quick start guide