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Finish Line Bicycle / Motorcycle Disc Brake Cleaner - 295ml Acetone Free Aerosol

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High quality disc brake cleaner from Finish Line

Finish Line's Disc Brake Cleaner is engineered to rapidly clean disc brake rotors and pads to optimize disc brake performance. Using an acetone-free formula, Disc Brake Cleaner decontaminates braking surfaces by flushing out dirt and oil residue, and melting away baked-on brake glaze.

Designed to leave zero residue after application, Finish Lines Disc Brake Cleaner displaces any moisture built up on the pad or rotor, resulting in improved and predictable braking, and reduced brake squeal. With the unique characteristic of being acetone free, Finish Lines Disc Brake Cleaner is strong enough to clean the dirtiest rotors, yet safe enough to use around paint, carbon fiber and plastic parts.

• Decontaminates and revitalizes soiled bicycle brake pads and rotors
• Tough on grime, yet safe to use around paint, carbon, and plastic parts
• Acetone-free formula is friendlier on you, your bike, and the environment
• Can save you time and money that would otherwise be spent on replacement parts
• Colour Blue
• Product Type Bike Wash & Cleaners