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MKS Esprit Superior EZY Removable Pedals

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Comprising the amazing EZY system for quick and easy removal and fitting of pedals, the MKS brand also uses top quality bearings.

MKS’ superb EZY removable pedal system has been improved with the 'Superior' model and now features a twist lock/unlock mechanism for extra safety and security.

The superior system is available on the all-new MKS Esprit EZY which has a light alloy X-Wing styled axle body and strong replaceable alloy cage.

Pedals are often the bug-bear when storing or transporting bikes and folding pedals are not always the ideal solution. Japanese brand MKS are the only company that make a quick-release removable pedal.

These pedals not only solve the problem of pedals protruding from an otherwise neatly folded or stored bike, they also act as a great deterrent to thieves, as it's hard to ride off on a bike with no pedals!  Equally useful on standard bikes (Road, Mountain, Hybrid) or on folding bikes, wherever storage is an issue.

The system is simple and only take a few minutes to fit. After removing existing pedals, the adapter fitting is threaded into the crank arm in the normal way (right-hand thread for right side, left-hand thread for left side). Each removable pedal spindle then just pushes and clicks into place and the adapter collar twists to lock it. To remove, simply twist and pull back on the spring-loaded adapter collar and pull out the pedal. No need for plastic security clips, as used with the standard EZY removable pedals.

Adapters use standard 9/16" thread to fit the vast majority of crank arms.

Pedals come complete with MKS carry bag.

Weight: 400gms per pair, including adapters.