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MKS EZY Adaptor Set for MKS EZY Removable Pedals: MT-E, XP, Compact, Etc.

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A pair of MKS EZY Adaptors to enable you to fit your MKS removable pedals to a second bike.
The system is simple and only take a few minutes to fit. After removing existing pedals, the adaptor fitting is threaded into the crank arm in the normal way (right-hand thread for right side, left-hand thread for left side). Each removable pedal spindle then just pushes and clicks into place. To remove, simply pull back on the spring-loaded adaptor sleeve and pull out the pedal.
Adaptor set includes two adaptors and two plastic security circlips.
Pedal and bike shown in second photo are not included!
Note: Not suitable for the Esprit Superior pedal, as this uses a locking adaptor